What kind of reader are you?

Think about the kind of books and materials you read. You have a wide variety of genres to chose from in stores and in libraries. On different days you might select different kinds of books: mystery, adventure, fantasy, poetry, biography, science, history, or religion. Or you may read a combination of books, magazines, or newspapers throughout the week. Some days you may devote more time to reading than on other days. 

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Why do you read?

A variety of reasons might come in to play when you read. You might be reading to gather facts for a speech, paper, article, or book. When you are doing this kind of reading, you may need to read more slowly; you will also need to take notes.

At other times, you probably will read for entertainment. When you read a novel for pleasure, you usually move rather quickly through the novel, once you understand who the characters are and their dilemmas. But, of course, some books are more complex than others, even if you are reading for pleasure, so you may need to read them at a slower pace. Rereading certain paragraphs may be necessary in order to understand the story.

When you read certain kinds of information for an extended period of time, you may need a break from the heavy-duty material. Cartoons provide a perfect break from reading difficult material. They also can provide a relaxation period from other physical or mental work, so that when you return to your job, you are more relaxed.

Because people are a part of different communities, you will want to read a local newspaper. You might choose to read about your country’s news or worldwide news, to keep up with what is going on around you. So, there are many reasons why you might choose different materials to read.

What are the benefits of reading?

By reading, you not only read about the world around you, but also, your reading material provides additional information you might use on your job. Reading provides workers with facts to carry out specific tasks.

Reading history gives you insight into the rituals, customs, and tools people used before this generation. Comparisons and contrasts can be made between one generation and another one.

Through reading, you meet many characters in a variety of settings with their own problems. By reading about others, you can compare your problems to the characters’ problems. Some of the characters’ problems are similar to ones people face each day, and the characters’ responses to the problems can provide insight into your situation. Characters’ problems can be quite different than yours, however, so reading about them can provide a way to understand the hardships other people face.

You can improve your reading skills through practice, and authors can improve, too. By reading different authors’ books and materials, you learn additional vocabulary. Learning to use words more effectively helps you be more efficient. As an author, you will become the creator of more interesting books for absorption, if you are an effective communicator. Once you know that others are absorbed in reading your books, you become more motivated to create new books. Then, you and your readers are happier, because there are more books in the world to read.

Reading and Writing Go Hand in Hand

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