​Anna Lansing is like most twelve-year-old girls. She enjoys picking out clothes for going to school and for going with her friends. With a history of just hanging out with friends, she’s not too concerned with others. She’s more concerned with going places. If a person gets injured, she doesn’t realize how much help someone might need. As the story progresses, Anna finds ways to help her friends, others’ dogs, and other people. In the beginning, she’s selfish, but others help her to see that it is important to be selfless.

Join Anna on her journey of discovery, as she learns about herself and others.

​Appropriate for grades 5 and up.

Max Does It Again

Max knows how to take care of his frog until an unexpected problem arises. Not only does the frog create havoc at home, but, his pet creates problems at school. Will Max be able to keep his pet? Or will he be forced to give his frog away, to keep harmony in the family?

Appropriate for grades 3 and up.

My Reflections

My poems present the reader with picturesque images, audible sounds, tasty foods, skin sensations, and pleasant aromas. The reader can compare and contrast their experiences and, perhaps, become inspired to write their own poetry book. The poems are broken down into the following sections: winter thoughts, college experiences, places remembered, humorous happenings, and natural phenomena.

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Poetic Moments

​This new collection of poetry comes from the author's experiences traveling to various areas in the United States: Hawaii, Mississippi, Iowa, Illinois, and Tennessee. Some of the poems are about these states. She also traveled to Minnesota and Arkansas, but the poems do not cover these areas. Patricia has also included poems about nature and her experiences.

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Sketches of Life

The book, taken from life experiences, provides word pictures about various areas: travel, changes, school, and Christianity. In this poetry collection, the reader can imagine what an artist might sketch on a canvas. Readers will enjoy the alliteration and rhyme found in some of the poems. While the tone of some poems makes one ponder what life is about, the tone found in other poems causes the reader to laugh.

Tall Tales of the United States

Heroes and heroines accomplish feats ordinary humans do not achieve or even attempt. The characters, from this collection of short stories, hail from the following states: Georgia, Indiana, West Virginia, Texas, Arizona, and Wisconsin. The readers will laugh at and cheer the superstars on. The illustrations by Gloria Solly give additional clues to the text meaning.

Appropriate for grades 3 and up

Molly's Mischievous Dog  

Molly knows no other dog can replace her previous dog. She still wants a new one, though.  During her research process on puppies, will she convince her parents to get a puppy? In the meantime, will she achieve her artistic goal?

Appropriate for grades 2 and up.

The Wonder in the Woods

In the book, The Wonder in the Woods, Matthew Holliday finds a dog and her puppies, that present many challenges for him. Will Matthew be able to overcome the challenges and, in the process, help others face their challenges?

Appropriate for grades 5 and up.